New Version Of Container Plant Factory, Ready For Service

- Nov 06, 2018-


Once mentioned “Agriculture”, people always thinking about farmers that doing hard work like plowing, weeding or mixing fertilizer in the field.

If you have that picture in your mind, then you are really far away from modern agriculture. Nowadays, KINGPENG’s research work on plant factory is focus on “Industrialization of Plant Factory & Smart Agriculture”.


Plant factory is an idea original in Japan. It changed the concept of traditional agriculture, moved plants into buildings, combined with IOT technology, big data technology and cloud computing technologies during crop production processing.

Smart agriculture is using IOT technology into traditional agriculture, to make it “SMART”.

Till now, KINGPENG’s plant factory as gone through the early stage of experimental exploration and the middle stage of demonstration application, step into fast developing stage. The plant factory is no longer an idea, but became more commercialized and industrialized. One example is the container plant factory already service in Xinjiang, China and Canada.

“The Third Generation” of container plant factory have developed and completed install in KINGPENG’s R&D center. Compare to last version, this new container plant factory:

1.     Invisible installed air condition system and CO2 supply system;

2.     Optimized heat prevent layer;

3.     Multi-choice of 20 feet container, 40 feet middle grade, 40 feet top grade;

4.     Efficient NFT system with nutrient solution circulation system;

5.     Choice for Leaf Vegetable model and nursery model;

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