New Year, New Scenery: 26 Containers Delivered In January, 2021

- Jan 29, 2021-

Reaching end of January, the new year 2021 will pass its first month. KINGPENG has achieved a fruitful 2020 in both domestic and international business, especially the international sales amount is almost double of that in 2019.

Greenhouse Made in China

In the beginning of 2021, KINGPENG has already signed 4 new international sales orders, at same time we also keep loading and delivering the containers. Before end of January, KINGPENG has loaded and send 26 containers.

These containers are heading to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, and most of them are going to USA. Presently KINGPENG has 4 greenhouse projects under construction in USA. These greenhouses will be used for tomato, flower, and orange nursery after the completion of construction in 2021.



So far, KINGPENG has exported its products to 63 countries all over the world. The customers and users are more and more comfortable and confident with the products and service of KINGPENG. That is also the reason of its success and increase year by year. KINGPENG Greenhouse will also keep its responsibility and contribute its efforts to protect the reputation of Greenhouse Made in China.