Newest Harvest Trolley Released

- Aug 01, 2017-


Recently, Kingpeng released YC0931, a new elevation type crop tending trolley. YC0931 is electric driving and can achieve hydraulic lifting from platform. It is most suitable for horticulture operation such as pruning and artificial pollination towards high plants like tomato, cucumber and pepper. Comparing with manual operation, it can increase efficiency about 10 times.


Technical Parameter
1. Infinitely variable speeds, range from 0-1.5 m/s;
2. Stable and continuous lifting, can be as high as 2.7 m;
3. Power: 0.37 kw
4. Size: 1700*690 mm.
5. Track center distance: 550 mm;
6. Track: Suggest to adopt DN 40(Φ48 mm) water & gas pipeline;
7. Weight load: 200 kg.

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