One Belt One Road And Kingpeng's Greenhouse

- Jun 28, 2019-

Nowadays, One belt One road policy is one of the most important policies between Chinese goveronment and the world, and agriculture field is always an important part in One belt One road policy.

Beijing Kingpeng greenhouse, originated from  Beijing Agricultural Machinery Institute, has the strong R&D team and technical team. So far, Kingpeng has provided greenhouses projects to more than 60 countries, involving different climates.

Now most countries has the increasing demand for greenhouse. Middle east countries, such as Qatar, UAE, KSA, Bahrain, they have the extreme climate for vegetables, but with greenhouse, the farmers are able to grow vegetables in all seasons. 


And in cold countries like Mongolia, Russa, with heating system, greenhouse makes it possible to grow vegetables even in winter time.

Under the One belt one road policy and more and more demand for greenhouse, with high quality project, Kingpeng will do better in greenhouse field.

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