PC Board Of Intelligent Greenhouse

- Jul 08, 2016-

Polycarbonate Panel greenhouses for Los-(you can also use round arch), the use of a cross-shape modern, stable, elegant, Visual fluency, excellent thermal insulation properties, moderate rate of transmission, wet grooves, span, displacement, and strong wind resistance, suitable for wind and rainfall is high. Polycarbonate Panel greenhouses, with good light transmission, low heat conduction coefficient, as Sun panels of lightweight, long life, tensile strength, with a simple steel structure will be able to meet the wind, snow-resistant requirements and long life, beautiful and generous, reducing redundant construction and investment, which is substituted for the original product of choice for plastic film greenhouses and Glasshouses.

Polycarbonate Panel greenhouse covering material for polycarbonate hollow sheet. Structure the use of double sloping roof structure, arched structure there. Hot-dip galvanized steel profile frame. Characterized by structure light and resistant to impact, anti condensation (dew-proof coating), loads of good performance and excellent thermal insulation properties, durability, elegant appearance. More 40% than other other greenhouse covering material. But its light transmission compared with glass greenhouse was somewhat less well, and cost more.