Performance Of Greenhouse

- Jul 31, 2020-

Light transmittance

Greenhouse is a light construction, light transmittance is thus one of the most basic indicators of evaluating greenhouse. Light transmittance refers to the light penetration into the greenhouse and outdoor light weight percentage. Greenhouse light transmittance of greenhouse covering materials performance and rate of greenhouse shading effects, but with different angles of solar radiation in different seasons, the transmittance of the greenhouse is also subject to change. Greenhouse light transmittance level of crop growth and directly influence factor of selecting crop varieties. In General, multi-span plastic greenhouse in 50%~60%, light transmittance of glass greenhouse in 60%~70%, above 70% in sunlight greenhouse.


Heating energy consumption are major obstacles to greenhouse in winter. Improve insulation performance, reduce energy consumption, are the most direct means to improve production efficiency. Greenhouse insulation ratio is a basic indicator for measuring greenhouse insulation. Greenhouse insulation than smaller greenhouse refers to thermal resistance material cover and thermal resistance of a large greenhouse structure covering the same area. Insulation greater than, indicating greenhouse insulation the better the performance.


Greenhouse construction must take into account its durability. Durability of greenhouse greenhouse material aging resistance, greenhouse influence of the carrying capacity of the main structure. Translucent material outside of their own strength, durability, and is also reflected in the transmitted light along with the decay time and materials, and transmittance level of attenuation is a decisive factor affecting the life of transparent materials using. Greenhouse steel structure use life of 15 years or more. Design wind and snow load with a 25 year maximum load, bamboo wood frame simple greenhouse 5-10 life, wind and snow load with a 15-year maximum load.