A New Mode Of Agricultural Production-Photovoltaic Greenhouse

- Mar 24, 2020-

Photovoltaic greenhouse is a greenhouse who includes solar photovoltaic power generation, intelligent temperature control system, modern high-tech planting. The greenhouse uses steel frame, and covered with solar photovoltaic modules ensuring the solar photovoltaic power generation and the lighting needs of the entire greenhouse crops. The electricity generated by solar photovoltaic can support the irrigation system of greenhouses, supplement the light of plants, meet the heating demand of greenhouses in winter, raise the temperature of greenhouses, and promote the rapid growth of crops.


Compared with the centralized photovoltaic power station, the photovoltaic greenhouse project has many advantages.

First of all, it can save land resources, which is conducive to the development of modern agricultural projects and increase of local economic income.


Secondly, it can flexibly create an environment suitable for the growth of different crops.


Third, it meets the electricity demand of agriculture and produces benefits.


Finally, as a new mode of agricultural production and operation, it can not only promote the popularization and application of regional agricultural science and technology, but also realize agricultural sci-tech and agricultural industrialization.


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