Photovoltaic Greenhouse In China

- Jan 12, 2018-


In recent years, "photovoltaic agriculture" was developed fast in recent years in many places of China. Photovoltaic agriculture is bring the technology of transforming solar power to electricity into agriculture products production. Solar power can replace traditional energy resauces and support the greenhouse power comsuption which is decrease greenhouse peration cost directly.

Although the concept is tempting, but it's still a long way to put it into use. 

How to combine solar panel and greenhouse roof  ?

How to guarantee uniform transmission of light to satisfy the needs of crops' light inquiry?

How to choose different solar panels for different crops?


Now, Kingpeng has worked out the solution for greenhouse use photovoltaic technoloy. According to the most popular greenhouse type in north of China, Kingpeng have built the photovoltaic venlo-greenhouse and photovoltaic solar greenhouse.


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