Plant Factory Greenhouse-Four Innovations

- Jul 31, 2020-

Plant Factory in Beijing built by Kingpeng with four new innovations

Plant Factory is the advanced stage of future agricultural development, on behalf of the future direction of the implementation of agricultural development, it is a high-tech, high input, high output industry. For addressing the development of human face many bottles has great significance. And it Is not only considered an important way in the 21st century to solve food security, population, environmental issues ,but also an important means for the future of space engineering, the moon and other planets  achieving food self-sufficiency .


The Plant Factory built by Kingpeng in Beijing Tongzhou District is China's first greenhouse equipment and is also a platform which with muti-function of scientific research, testing, demonstration, incubation, production, science and other purposes. The greenhouse uses precise environmental control technology and automation technology to efficiently produce high quality and safety products, and achieving high productivity in fully year, safety and environmental protection and no season restrictions  system,  to achieve annual factory production.


Its technical level has entered the international advanced ranks, of which four aspects of innovation by the widespread concern:

1, the greenhouse environment intelligent control system

2, nutrient solution control and recycling system

3, factory production equipment

4, the use of new light sources