Plant Factory Meeting Held In Beijing—Focus On Industrial Development

- Nov 23, 2016-

December 19, 2015, the Fourth Technical Committee meeting of Beijing Plant Factory Engineering Technology Research Center : Facility Gardening High-end technology forum held in Beijing, from dozens of industry-renowned experts, scholars, entrepreneurs have a deep discussion about the "plant plant applications areas, the problems during the development and industrialized measures and other issues’’, and  raised their opinions and made suggestions.

In the meeting, the senior engineer of Kingpeng has a report about the construction of the scientific research platform and the future development direction and work plan of the Beijing Plant Engineering Research Center. In this report first introduced the plant low-carbon energy saving technology, automatic equipment technology and digital technology "and other areas of the latest research result. And have elaborated the future development direction and key research priorities of the center.

In the report mentioned that the future direction of development of plant plants should be low-carbon energy-saving, diversification of applications, the production function of diversification. Plant Factory


should be more used of solar energy, shallow energy and other new energy and LED, laser and other new light source; plant factory applications should also be extended to the family, hospitals, military units, restaurants, science education base, to achieve diversification , At the same time, the function of plant factory should be more diversified.


After the meeting, the experts visited the plant factory which is a research center for scientific research and display platform located in Tongzhou District.The platform has now become the window of China's high-end facilities agriculture external display, each year received dozens of times people from domestic and foreign experts, government, research institutes, media workers.