Polycarbonate Greenhouse Installation In Dubai

- Apr 10, 2020-


With the epidemic outbreak worldwide, installation work of horticulture projects has to be postponed in many countries. So does KINGPENG’s polycarbonate greenhouse project in Dubai.

Whole project has 2 sets of greenhouses, 5000 square meters in total. One greenhouse is for tomato production, another is hydroponic greenhouse for leaf vegetable. A simple fertigation pump to irrigate for two greenhouses, which can meet fertigation require of plants.

Kingpeng has send one of our supervisors in February for helping the greenhouse installation. Till now, 2 sets of greenhouses have finished structure and covering with PC sheet. In-door facilities installation will be arranged orderly in next month, including hanging gutters, NFT systems and fertilizing system. Hopefully, it can put into use after Ramadan.


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