Pot-Grown Vegetables In Kingpeng Tongzhou R&D Center

- Sep 25, 2018-

Pot-Grown Vegetables means the vegetables are planted in the pot for ornamental and eating. The most popular Por-Grown Vegetables are cherry tomato, little colorful pepper, egg plants, lettuces, herbs, Chinese chives and etc., even the root vegetables such like potato and carrot can be produced in the pot. The Pot-Grown Vegetables should be produced in the greenhouse, and the ventilation must be covered by insect net. 


Normally, different plants need different size and deep pot, and there must be drainage hole on the bottom of the pot to make sure good breath of the root. The substrate has to be disinfected thoroughly to kill the disease and insect, the most popular substrate is grass peat, vermiculite, pearlite, mushroom waste, cocopeat and etc. Do not use chemical fertilizer as far as possible, use the organic fertilizer such as hemp residue, peanut cake after oil expression, also can use sufficient decomposed organic fertilizer compost made from fermentative bacterium and cattle-sheep dung as main raw material. Some microorganism such as Rhizobia, photosynthetic bacteria, phosphate-solubilizing bacteria with nitrogen fixing and dephosphorization, are allowed to be used to make the nutrition more efficiency. For safety, the chemical pesticide is banned from using, suggest to use biopesticide.


Based on the advanced greenhouse and equipment in Kingpeng Tongzhou R&D Center, Kingpeng did Pot-Grown Vegetables test in tomato and pepper, it is so popular for the customers.


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