Practical Teaching Base Was Built In Hebei Agricultural University

- Nov 15, 2017-

Recently, Hebei Agricultural University practice teaching greenhouse was fully come into use which built and designed by Kingpeng. The greenhouse with an area of 1500 is one of the integrated teaching practice bases of Horticulture Department and Tourism institute of Hebei Agricultural University. This greenhouse is mainly for students to carry out experiment and study for modern facility nursery and cultivation method, indoor flower identification, vertical hydroponic and indoor gardening etc.


This Practical Teaching Base is an important platform for students practice of Hebei Agriculture University. It is also the classroom for Gardening Flower, Gardening Flower Utilization and Horticulture Architecture. Currently the greenhouse is undertake the experiment of "garden flower sowing", “flowers cottage", "flower growing practice" and so on.

The greenhouse is divided into three sections, including the buffer room, the breeding area and the cultivation display area. The greenhouse facilities are advanced, with mobile seedling bench, automatic spray device, artificial light system, air circulating system, cooling curtain, fertilizer machine and Ebb/Flow bench system etc.

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The cooperation between Kingpeng and Hebei Agricultural University is not only to train the students in the modern agriculture industry, but also the very important mission for Kingpeng is  our social responsibility and historical mission--" To help and training the new generation of modern agriculture professionist for society”.


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