Profitable Potted Mini-Rose Business In China

- Dec 25, 2018-

rose greenhouse

Potted Mini-Rose is more and more popular in China. Kingpeng established one glass greenhouse for one of the biggest flower import and export group in Kunming, Yunnan province. This greenhouse is mainly used for Mini-Rose flower growing. The greenhouse park’s total area is 5 hectares and all of them are used to grow Mini-Rose. It is covered by glass and adopts high-level equipments and systems to control the environment including the temperature, humidity, lighting coz this section is used for nursery.

poted mini rose

Mini-Rose is imported from Holland but it’s easier to grow in Yunnan province. The first advantage is strong sunlight here. And the latitude is more or less 2000m in Kunming. And the average temperature here is 15 degrees and the highest temperature is 31.2 degrees. It’s very suitable for rose’s growing. The second advantage is the sunlight. It has longest day time as 13 hours day light and shortest day time as 10 hours daylight in the history. It also has strong UV which is good for flower’s blooming.

Mini-Rose Pot flower’s price is fluctuating during different seasons.  It’s from 30 to 60 Yuan each pot for different quality. The profit is delightful compared to other flower business in Kunming Yunnan coz the growing cost is lower than other areas. So Kingpeng will still focus on the special greenhouse design for Mini-Rose plants in Yunnan Province in future.

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