Quality Control

- Jul 31, 2020-

The social progress, the traditional mode of agricultural production has been unable to meet the needs of the development of modern civilization, the new facilities sought after by the industry of agriculture. The so-called agricultural equipment, mainly greenhouse facilities, it is not subject to limitations of time and space, in the Highlands, mountains, deserts, and other special circumstances for agricultural production.

China is a large agricultural country, farmers account for more than half of the total population, agricultural innovation space is infinite, the agricultural equipment industry came onto the stage from behind. Domestic greenhouse industry, medium and small enterprises is uneven, landing the greenhouse project quality naturally varies.

In order for organizations interested in facility agriculture development unit, better able to choose a greenhouse project service providers, the greenhouse business for systems research, greenhouse project quality control consists of material controls, technical controls, control, sale and control four aspects.

Material as a source of project, to quality control, will first have to pass out on the selection of materials. Such as steel components on the greenhouse project for quality of steel rust in professional after galvanizing plant hot-dip galvanizing, quality inspection departments testing, inspection will be delivered to the site after use.

Project team has professional of design personnel, in each project starts Qian, greenhouse project manager on engineering technicians for detailed of project training, put this project of difficulties, and points took out research, on easy errors of place ahead of do prevention, such engineering technicians in project starts zhiqian do idea, project started Hou according to scheduled of plans and steps implementation, effective avoid has in construction process in the appeared errors, also guarantee has whole project of implementation quality.