Quarantine And Isolation Plant Greenhouse

- Jul 31, 2020-

                                                Greenhouse  for Research and Study

This type of greenhouse is particularly suitable for research institutes of high-tech experimental study, due to special design to ensure the safety of indoor production, environmental precision conditions. The isolated greenhouse is designed for the production of a very high environmental conditions in scientific research.


Taking into account of air-conditioning power consumption is great in winter and summer, the greenhouse equipped with external shading and internal shade system when necessary. Isolated greenhouse in China is still in very few, the advent of isolation is characterized by: each greenhouse has a separate computer control system, according to the needs of the work to set temperature, humidity, pressure, light and other professional parameters; each greenhouse can also work by selecting the positive pressure, negative pressure, atmospheric pressure in different environments.


This greenhouse can be used for plant quarantine, plant genetic research and other research fields, and can also be built to cultivate plants with very demanding environmental requirements.