Regular Communication Between Kingpeng And Ridder

- Oct 16, 2019-

Mr. Hu, the sales manager of Ridder group from Holland came to Kingpeng headquarters to conduct regular communication with Kingpeng team today. During the conference, Mr. Hu introduced the background to Kingpeng's new staff, a professional presentation was also given to give an account of Ridder's main products on auto-control system, fertigation, motors and shading screens. Two parties had a pleasure time this morning.


Kingpeng and Ridder have worked together on multiple projects. Combined with the most advanced planting technologies in the world, Kingpeng and Ridder Group will provide customers with intelligent facilities, technologies, solutions, and in time after-sales services to help growers improve the yield and quality of crops and obtain better production efficiency on the basis of cost saving and energy consumption reduction.


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