Reliable Design Parameters Help Greenhouse Undergo Heavy Snow And Wind

- Dec 04, 2020-

In recent years, the multi-span greenhouse built with national agricultural subsidies is a greenhouse that is produced and used throughout the year. The greenhouse is equipped with standard heating equipment, cooling equipment, shading system, natural ventilation system, filling light system, planting system, water and fertilizer integration system. This smart greenhouse can grow crops and obtain harvests wherever there is energy. How to ensure stable greenhouse to undergo environmental considerations?

Snow Load: Snow load on the roof, one of the main greenhouse live load structure design, climate, topography, architectural style, the effect of the particle size distribution of the roof material and the shape of the roof. Snow-loaded multi-span greenhouses in northern regions with a general value of 0.35kn kN/m.

glass greenhouse

Hanging load: The function of hanging load is also one of the live load standards that belong to the industrial structure of China's greenhouses. Since the multi-span greenhouses are mainly used for planting crops, some vines and fruits of research plants, such as tomato crops, are hung. The hanging load of the internal structure of the multi-span greenhouse generally ranges from 0.15 kN/m2.

wind load

Wind Load: Wind load is also called the dynamic pressure of wind, which is the pressure generated by air flow on the engineering management structure. The wind load is related to the analysis of various factors such as basic working wind pressure, terrain, ground roughness, distance, ground height, and building design shape.

 snow load

Maximum rainfall: The design of the greenhouse maximum rainfall emission is based on the extreme value of local rainstorm in the past ten years. The maximum amount of rainfall refers to the drainage capacity of the drainage ditch on the top of the greenhouse. If the amount of rainwater discharge in the greenhouse is too small, the water in the trough will overflow from the drain and the shed. The rainfall value of the greenhouse is 140mm/h. The main design reference will be related to the cross-sectional area of the gutter and the gradient of the gutter height difference.

Constant Load: Dead load is the load of the greenhouse structure. When a fixed value, the weight of the main greenhouse design and style has a relationship. The design of the light steel multi-span greenhouse is neither too small nor too large to replicate the civil architectural design, and the construction cost will greatly increase the greenhouse.