Remote Guidance Ensure The Installation Process Of Kingpeng’s Overseas Projects

- Aug 21, 2020-

As the flight and visas could not proceed effected by Convid-2019, and the face-to-face greenhouse installation faced a challenge: How to ensure the smooth progress of greenhouse installation guidance for customers overseas?


For overseas projects, the engineering project department has a dedicated person in charge to carry out remote video installation guidance for oversea customers. Cases of remote guidance for example, the PC greenhouse in Bahrain, the greenhouse on top roof in Taiwan and the PC+PE film greenhouse in Qatar, and the film greenhouse in Philippines which at the beginning of 2020 Mr. Zhang, the project Manager has successfully offered service.


After a few months, the Project Department have rich experience and knowledge for remote installation guidance. At present, video communication, installation plans and operation videos are the mainly way for online-guidance work, and Project Supervisors are 24 hours online service.


Yesterday we carried out an online-guidance for electric power installation for oversea projects:

 installation work


Although customers had doubts about this kind of guidance at first, after the actual operation overseas customers also began to gradually recognize this kind of guidance!



By this way Kingpeng provide a reliable guarantee for greenhouse installation for oversea projects, which effectively promote the orderly progress of installation work during the Convid-2019 and solve the urgent needs of customers.

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