A Report About Romania LED Artificial Light Plant Factory

- Sep 17, 2019-

At the beginning of September, 2019, the Chief Engineer of BAMI (Beijing Agriculture Machinery Institute) published a report about the Romania LED Artificial Light Plant Factory which is one of the most important cooperation between China Institute and University of Bucharest in Romania.



This project is located in University of Bucharest in Romania and designed and completed by Kingpeng Greenhouse. It is converted from the basement of the laboratory and contains growing system, fertigation system, artificial LED light system, air conditioner, humidification system, CO2 supply system, computer control system and monitor system etc.


This plant factory is mainly used for growing lettuce, pakchoi and there are total 3 growing units which will produce 2616 heads lettuce each crop and 52320 heads lettuce per year.



Until now, this plant factory is still running very well after 4 years and it is a successfully trial for artificial light growing indoor and will promote the plant factory technology to the world.


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