Reseach From Xingdongfang Technology

- May 15, 2020-

Recently, Mr Wei Gang, director of strategic planning of BAIC Group and chairman of Xingdongfang Technology Company, came to Kingpeng greenhouse and Kingpeng Husbandry for research. The leaders of Xing Dongfang Technology, Kingpeng greenhouse and Kingpeng Husbandry joined the research.

According to Mr Gu Benjia, the general manager of Kingpeng greenhouse, introduced the challenged faced by Kingpeng greenhouse, and pointed out intelligent agriculture is the future of future farming, and Kingpeng greenhouse will focus on the quality and intelligence of the greenhouse.


While listening to the report of Mr Gu Benjia, Mr Wei Gang analyzed the Internal and external 

environment of Kingpeng and Chairman. Mr Wei Gang affirmed the company's development and requested the company to further focus on its main business, continue to strengthen its core capabilities, grasp the high-quality development of global economy.


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