Responsibility Makes Kingpeng Immer Focusing On Greenhouse Quality

- Jul 30, 2020-

Tayuanzhuang Intelligent Greenhouse which located in Zhengding Hebei Province uses modern agricultural technology combined with ecological landscape, and takes the rural industry as the target positioning. It is a key project that actively responds to the country's 13th Five-Year Plan to revitalize agriculture. Kingpeng and Tongfu Group work together to implement the construction of modern and efficient facility agriculture.

Responsibility makes Kingpeng immer focusing on Greenhouse Quality-1

In order to make sure fulfill the promise to customers and complete the project on time with guaranteed quality and quantity, Kingpeng’s design and construction team will make accurate construction plan for every project according to local condition.

Responsibility makes Kingpeng immer focusing on Greenhouse Quality-2

Responsibility makes Kingpeng immer focusing on Greenhouse Quality-3

On the production line at night, the employees of Kingpeng worked together with a high sense of responsibility, scrambling for the schedule and working overtime to keep up with the construction progress. The Supervisor of party A highly praised Kingpeng’s spirit and attitude.

Responsibility makes Kingpeng immer focusing on Greenhouse Quality-4

Kingpeng is the top greenhouse supplier in China and we provide one-stop service from Design, Manufacturer, Construction to Horticulture Service.

Kingpeng has exported our greenhouse to more than 50 countries all over the world and will keep providing high-quality products for all customers.

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