Safety And Quality Production In Kingpeng

- Jun 15, 2018-

June is the “safety production month” in Kingpeng. In order to improve the safety production awareness, the chairman and general manager of Kingpeng, Mr Guo Bin delivered a speech “Focus on responsibility, guarantee the safety and quality of R&D and production” in the weekly meeting this week.



Mr Guo Bin started with his understanding about responsibility. According to his understanding, responsibility is doing the job in quantity and quality. Responsibility is what makes Kingpeng and other greenhouse companies different.  As a stated owned company, the quality is always the focus of each project from design to production, and from shipment to installation.


And then Mr Guo Bin re-emphasized some rules about how to improve responsibility in order to guarantee the safety and quality along the process of the project. Firstly, the design needs to fully consider the local condition and demand from customers, which make sure the greenhouse will be suitable. Secondly, the production needs to strictly follow the requirement from designers. Thirdly, during the installation, the site must strictly follow the safety regulation system.



In the end, Mr Guo Bin made it clear anyone or any department will be punished once found break the rules. With high safety and quality projects, Kingpeng will be doing better in both domestic market and overseas market. 

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