Semi Close Greenhouse: A Big Upgrade For Traditional Greenhouse

- Aug 21, 2018-

Semi-close or Ultra Clima is a system which is an integrated part of the greenhouse construction and includes all features for modern greenhouse air management.

Ø  Ventilation and circulation

Ø  Cooling and heating

Ø  Humidification and dehumidification

Ø  Cooling and/or dehumidification by ventilation with outside air.

Ø  Adiabatic cooling with high outside air temperature and low humidity.

Ø  Mixing indoor and outdoor air.

Ø  Adding CO2 to ventilation and circulation air.

Ø  Disinfection of ventilation and circulation with UV light.


It has following benefits which will become the most important advantage of this Semi Close system.

Ø  The inside of the greenhouse will be positive pressure compare to outside and the insects and disease can’t enter into the greenhouse through the opening.

Ø  The air distribution is realized through the air duct and make sure the air can reach each corner of the greenhouse very fast.

Ø  The semi-close greenhouse require very low roof ventilation rate (10%) and save cost of roof window. Normal greenhouse needs 20%-30% ventilation rate.

Ø  Less window will improve the use ratio of CO2 and heat in the greenhouse.

Ø  The greenhouse size will be more flexible because it will not be limited by the distance of cooling fans and cooling pad.

Ø  The yield of the semi-close greenhouse will reach 75kg-100kg tomato per square meter. However, the common greenhouse will get only 50kg-70kg tomato per square meter.


There are mainly three parts for the semi-close system:

Ø  The Cold Source System: 1) Cooling fans and pad  2) Air Conditioning etc.

Ø  Air Distribution System: High Pressure Fans and Plastic Air Duct.

Ø  Air Outlet: Roof Window.


Semi-close greenhouse is especially suitable for the area with high temperature and humidity and it can reach much better effect of control the greenhouse inside climate with lower operation cost. The most important point is the initial investment is a little higher than the common greenhouse, not big difference, this will be a good news for the farmers who want to grow in greenhouse.




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