Specialized Technology Of Glass Greenhouse

- Sep 21, 2017-

     Supported glass structure is a new type of building structure which has been widely used in recent years. With elegant beauty, good permeability and other advantages Beijing Botanical Garden Glass please use this form of the greenhouse, it uses metal connectors to connect the supporting system and glass panels in order to rationally evaluate the bearing capacity of glass-room point-supported glass structure. Yan to study the bearing capacity of metal connectors.Glass Greenhouse

     In terms of climate, the benefits of glasshouse gardening are largely dependent on climatic conditions, where temperature, humidity and sunlight are the determining factors for the output per square metre of glass greenhouses, and the vast majority of greenhouse concentrations in coastal areas are not coincidental.Glass Greenhouse

      Because the coastal area in winter warm summer cool sunshine sufficient to engage in glass greenhouse gardening best conditions.Glass Greenhouse

     High degree of specialization the total area of the Netherlands glass greenhouse is more than 1 million square meters, the area of which is used to grow vegetables is 420,000 square meters, run by 4,400 farms, each farm has the average glass greenhouse 9600 square meters. Glass greenhouse vegetables are a variety of varieties, generally based on the needs of the consumer market planting.Glass Greenhouse

     Automation Performance Good Holland glass greenhouse vegetable industry development Good Another reason, lies in the greenhouse automation performance is good. Growers benefit from the use of automated control systems by suppliers in computer-controlled systems for the construction of glass greenhouses, water and fertilizer supplies, substrates, climate, lighting, crop breeding, seed production, crop protection, mechanical work, internal and external transport, and grading and packaging.Glass Greenhouse