Strawberry Greenhouse Again With Good Harvest

- Mar 27, 2018-

Better Harvest than last season!!!

On 23th Mar.2018 Kingpeng's team visited this greenhouse,and our client said that this season the strawberry yield has exceeded their anticipation. his greenhouse design and developed by Kingpeng , located in Turkmenistan has been put into use last year for growing strawberry,and this season with a better harvest than last year.


Strawberry, as we know, is a kind of sun-loving plant, and at the same time with strong shade resistance, so Kingpeng not only thought of the local condition, but also the habits of different plant, In order to fully utilize local sunlight resource, Kingpeng designed the cover materials with PO film on the top roof and PE film on four sides, and equipped with inside shading system, by this way more sunlight can be utilized than only cover with PE film and created more comfortable environment for strawberry.


While in the greenhouse used physical way for killing insect, and no chemical pollution and pesticide residue on the strawberry, which meet the people’s pursuit of green food.

With high nutritional value, taste and appearance these strawberries were welcomed by local customers.After visiting this greenhouse, our client gave us some self- made strawberry jam for tasting.We wish they will have a better harvest in the next coming season!

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