Technical Essentials Of Intelligent Greenhouse

- Sep 12, 2017-

     In modern large-scale greenhouse, all environmental factors, such as indoor temperature, light, gas, humidity, heat, nutrient status and temperature, plant root environment temperature and humidity factors such as monitoring, sensing, regulation, all by computer integrated management, the implementation of automatic control. But at present, the facility agriculture in our country just started, quite a part of the greenhouse production benefit is low. Greenhouse environment control ability and control level, production management level is low, still mainly based on the manager's personal experience and subjective sense of the extensive management of decision-making.Intelligent Greenhouse

     Greenhouse environment control and production management facilities are not perfect, more greenhouse environmental monitoring and control system hardware and software dependent on foreign imports. Therefore, it is the key to solve the problem to develop an automatic greenhouse system in line with China's national conditions. The goal of this research project is to develop a greenhouse controller based on 485 communication, which can control each greenhouse module independently. At the same time can also communicate with the host computer, accept the host computer instructions to the control of each module, and the data collected to the host computer.Intelligent Greenhouse

     The controller needs to communicate with each module of the 485 bus, accept various environmental parameters and control the environment in the greenhouse through these modules. The host computer needs to read the data of the environment parameter from the controller and send the parameter setting value. The data storage uses the AT24C64 type EEPROM, has the 8K data storage quantity. Its addressing range is 0000H~1FFFH. Stored data has time, temperature, light intensity, humidity and so on. Time includes year, month, day, time, minute, second, they are two digits, and the temperature is two digits, light intensity is three digits, humidity is two digits, ph value should have four digits, CO2 concentration is four digits. Intelligent Greenhouse     Because the number is stored in the ASC code, the number is one byte, which is stored in a total of 27 byte order. When read, strictly according to the number of digits per parameter. To read the value of the specified parameter, it can be read by calculating its storage byte address.Intelligent Greenhouse