Temperature Control Of Intelligent Greenhouse

- Sep 01, 2017-

     For smart greenhouses, only the right temperature is not good, crop growth also needs a certain amount of humidity, then how to control the change in the intelligent greenhouse humidity? First of all, we must understand the changes of humidity in the shed, general plastic canopy due to strong sealing, the temperature in the greenhouse and the outside air exchange is vulnerable to obstruction, which soil evaporation and water vapor evaporation is difficult to disperse, resulting in large canopy humidity, even in the daytime when the large shed ventilation, indoor humidity can reach 70%-80%, Rainy days can even reach more than 90%. The relative humidity of the air in the shed will decrease as the temperature rises, and the humidity is up to 100% at night. The wet air in the shed condenses into a water film or droplets attached to the inner surface of the film or the plant.Intelligent Greenhouse

    The excessive humidity in the shed will not only affect photosynthesis, but also affect the uptake of mineral nutrients by plants, and be beneficial to the germination and infection of spores, so it is essential to ventilate the air in time, to promote the air exchange between the moist atmosphere in the shed and the outside, and to reduce the relative humidity effectively. In addition, the heating of the interior hotline of the shed is also conducive to lower humidity. Now the large shed uses the drip irrigation technology, and unifies the plastic film mulch cultivation, can effectively reduce the soil water evaporation, and greatly reduces the air humidity. After the above series of measures, the maximum degree of indoor humidity can be reduced to 20%, to provide a healthy growth environment for plants.Intelligent Greenhouse

     Check the soundness of the bamboo skeleton: Because of the high temperature and humidity of the intelligent even-building greenhouse, it is very easy to make such a skeleton moldy rot, thus reducing the carrying capacity, resulting in broken, destroyed, so before use should be anti-corrosion treatment, and in the use of the process should be frequently inspected and repaired, once found dangerous danger should take reinforcement measures or timely replacement. At the same time, the fire source is strictly prohibited from getting too close to it.Intelligent Greenhouse

    Skeleton structure maintenance: for covering material is mainly to improve the ability to prevent fragmentation and anti-aging, to resist the sun and wind, to achieve the purpose of light insulation. To do good reinforcement measures, once found broken leakage should be repaired in time. Long-term use of intelligent even greenhouse, the film will be stained with dust, so that the transmittance is greatly reduced. Therefore, according to the pollution situation in different regions, the intelligent continuous film should be cleaned regularly and the transmission ability of light can be maintained.Intelligent Greenhouse