The Aquaponic Farm In Bahrain Begins A New Crop Organic Vegetables

- Sep 27, 2019-

Recently, the aquaponic farm which is jointly design and built by Kingpeng and its aquaponic system supplier in Bahrain begins a new crop of growing.


This aquaponic facility has 1.3 hectares (including greenhouse area and fish area) and mainly product customized organic vegetables for hotels and restaurants for Bahrain which is a nice leisure resort around Gulf Countries. The organic food has very big market and until now, there are a few supplier for organic food, but not many organic product in greenhouse.



Leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, mint etc. are the main product of this farm and the variety, size, weight of vegetables can be customized by the purchaser which need high-standard organic food.


Now this kind of organic vegetables are becoming more and more popular in Middle-east and all over the world and the owner of this project is preparing for expansion soon. Now Kingpeng and the owner is trying to find a way to promote this aquaponic system to the market.



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