The First Hectare-Level Commercial Aquaponic Greenhouse Near Completion In Bahrain

- Aug 17, 2018-

After nearly one year design and construction, the first hectare-level commercial aquaponic greenhouse in Bahrain will be completed in next month.


Kingdom of Bahrain is an island which is close to Saudi Arabia and it is also the vacation paradise of visitors from all over the world. In addition to developing tourism and finance, agriculture has become one of the most important target for Bahrain Economy in recent years. The best way for the indoor farming is greenhouse in Gulf and there is some greenhouse projects now which are mainly for the vegetables and flower production with hydroponic growing system in Bahrain. These greenhouses has produced a lot of vegetables and flowers for local and other gulf countries.



However, these products are not organic.


As is well-known, organic food is more and more popular now, but production for organic food is not easy. Aquaponic is one of the ways to produce organic food: Fish and Vegetables. Kingpeng Greenhouse has worked together with Bahrain Aquaponic Company for more than one year to talk about the design details of this project and now it is standing on the land of Bahrain.


The entire project has different sections with various functions from production preparation to the final packaging and transportation. The main production area has mainly three parts which distribute like sandwich: Greenhouse – Fish House – Greenhouse. The fish house will produce fresh water fish(Tilapia) in big water tank and the waste water will be pumped into the greenhouse after the treatment. The vegetables in the greenhouse will be organic cherry tomato, lettuce etc. with perfect flavors.



This organic lettuce can keep fresh and nice flavor in the package for two weeks and this is nearly two times than the common lettuce. The tomato which grow in this aquaponic system also shows very good taste, shape, color and high yield (it is estimated that the yield will be 25 kg -30kg per year per square meter according to the pilot project.)



The owner of this project who is also the designer of aquaponic system believe aquaponic will be a nice option of organic agriculture and this project is only the first phase of their plan. It will provide organic food for Bahrain first and then export to more countries. After the completion of this first phase, it will be the biggest aquaponic greenhouse project now in Bahrain and GCC area. If the entire 15 hectare project finish in the next 2-3 years, they will be the owner of the biggest aquaponic greenhouse project all over the world and provide their organic food and aquaponic technology for farmer and investor all over the world.


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