The Heat Of The Glass Greenhouse Block

- Nov 01, 2017-

How to maximize the utilization of solar energy in greenhouse, make it better service and use in agricultural production, has long been an important subject of research and attention by scholars all over the world, and the development of greenhouse heating technology has made corresponding progress in the research of greenhouse microclimate. Many research achievements have promoted the structure and material optimization of greenhouse, so that the energy comprehensive utilization technology of modern greenhouse is maturing gradually.Glass Greenhouse

The development of greenhouse heating technology has close relation with the research of Greenhouse microclimate, the research of greenhouse microclimate mainly solves how the indoor parameters of different types, orientations, maintenance structures and cultivation of different crops are affected by outdoor parameters and various physical parameters, how to maximize the energy utilization of greenhouse, Calculate the load of heating greenhouses. With the guidance of the theory of microclimate, the heating technology of greenhouse can be developed correspondingly.Glass Greenhouse

At present, a variety of greenhouse heating system requirements are: low-grade greenhouse affected by the climate, its production quality and production is difficult to guarantee, can not be used all year round, mid-range greenhouse cost and operating costs are lower, but necessary equipment can not be short, to ensure perennial operation; There is a complete heating equipment and automatic control system in the greenhouse.Glass Greenhouse

The heat loss in greenhouse is mainly through convection and heat conduction, because the heat of the long wavelength radiation is blocked by the temperature rise of the room, or the heat is rarely dissipated through glass or plastic film. If people take measures such as sealing, heat preservation and so on, it can reduce this part of the heat loss.Glass Greenhouse

Solar greenhouse at night, without solar radiation, the greenhouse will still emit heat to the outside world, when the greenhouse is cooling, in order to reduce the heat, so at night to cover the outside of the greenhouse insulation layer. If there is a heat storage device in the greenhouse, the night can be released during the day to ensure that the minimum humidity in the greenhouse at night.Glass Greenhouse