The Influence Condition Of Glass Greenhouse

- Oct 23, 2017-

The ventilation capacity of natural ventilation is related to wind speed, wind direction, ventilation window location, ventilation window area and temperature difference inside and outside greenhouse. When the total area of the ventilation window is 27% of the indoor area, if only the roof ventilation, even if the outdoor wind speed reached 10 km/h, also up to 0 per minute. 75 times ideal ventilation rate; When the roof ventilation window and the side wall ventilation window are fully open, the ventilation rate can reach 0.68 times/min in the case of almost no wind, close to the normal recommended 0.75/min ventilation rate.Glass Greenhouse

Hot air Heating system is composed of heat source, air heat exchanger, blower and air supply duct. Its working process is: heat-supply heating air ventilator by heat source, forcing some air in the greenhouse to flow through the air heat exchanger, so as to continuously circulate the greenhouse heating. Hot air heating system can be a heat source of fuel, gas, coal-fired device or electric heater, can also be hot water or steam. Different heat sources, hot air heating equipment installation form is not the same.Glass Greenhouse

The purpose of greenhouse ventilation is to eliminate the heat and moisture in greenhouse, adjust the indoor air composition, eliminate harmful gases, and make the environment temperature, humidity and air in greenhouse suitable for plant growth. In the northern part of China's glass greenhouse, the need for winter heating, otherwise can not be produced in winter. Greenhouse heating time is not the same, in the northeast heating time takes about 5 months $number months, in north China needs 3 months ~ months. Planting flowers or raising seedlings in the south also requires heating or temporary warming.Glass Greenhouse

Glass greenhouses rely on natural ventilation to regulate the indoor environment for most of the time. The structure of large-scale productive glass greenhouses is generally a double slope-facing greenhouse, and the ventilation form is provided with a ventilation window on the side wall and the roof. The total ventilation area is not less than 15% of the greenhouse area, preferably greater than 30%. When the roof wind window is open, the sash should be better than the horizontal tilt, the full opening and the horizontal surface to form 100 angle, you can get good ventilation effect.Glass Greenhouse