The Main Points Of Growing Vegetables In Glass Greenhouse

- Sep 12, 2017-

     Winter greenhouse vegetable irrigation should be arranged in sunny days, after irrigation, it is best to have a few consecutive fine. The day should be selected in the morning, this is not only the water temperature and ground temperature difference is small, geothermal easy to recover, but also have sufficient time to wet. Generally unfavorable to choose at noon, lest the high temperature watering affects the physiological function of the root system. Also unfavorable in the evening and snow day irrigation, to avoid causing excessive humidity in the shed, causing the occurrence of vegetable diseases.Glass Greenhouse

     When the water content of greenhouse vegetables is insufficient, the plant wilting and leaf scorch; When water is too much, the soil hypoxia causes the roots to suffocate and rot, and some of the stems and leaves on the ground are yellow and even die. Winter greenhouse irrigation temperature is low, the amount of small, water consumption, at this time after watering humidity changes, and the duration of a long time, so need small water irrigation. When the temperature in the shed is low, the water should be small, the interval time should be long, avoid the flood irrigation, in case of low temperature and high humidity lead to vegetable retting root.Glass Greenhouse

     In winter, the water should be irrigated directly by underground well, if it is irrigated with icy surface waters, the water temperature should not be less than 2℃-3℃. At ordinary times, water temperature should be as close as possible to the temperature. In order to keep the water temperature as close to room temperature as possible, the water conveyance equipment can be extended and watered in the greenhouse when watering.Glass Greenhouse

    Water irrigation of greenhouse vegetables should be selected, especially in winter, because the use of micro-irrigation in greenhouse has a significant effect on the improvement of crop growth environment, the balance and coordination of water, fertilizer, gas and heat in the growth of crops are positive, especially the use of micro-irrigation in the medium and the middle, which helps to promote root control, control of air humidity in the shed and Micro-irrigation can also effectively control water volume, reduce the amount of deep leakage and fertilizer loss, improve the structure and performance of the soil, promote the growth and development of crops and improve the quality of vegetables.Glass Greenhouse

    Irrigation day, in order to restore the ground temperature as soon as possible, the general need to close the greenhouse, so that it quickly improve the temperature, to promote temperature. After the geothermal elevation, for the plants like air drying in time to drain moisture, so that the temperature reduced to a suitable range. At the seedling stage watering to warming moisture, more emphasis on the cultivation. After the growth of the young, generally no longer the cultivation, in order to prevent injury root.Glass Greenhouse