The Moden Greenhouse Park Completed In Hebei Province

- Oct 12, 2018-

modern greenhouse

Recently, relevant leaders from National Rural Education Development Center and from Hebei Province visited “China-Israel Characteristic Town”. Accompanied by domestic marketing manager of Kingpeng Mr. Cao, the group visited and inspected the operation of whole horticulture park.

This project is another modern greenhouse project undertaken by our company. It has been fully completed and will be put into operation.

multi-span glass greenhouse

Whole park area reaches to 6 hectors, by reasonable organizing of limited land, 13 sets of multi-span glass greenhouse built up at mountain foot in Shi Jia Zhuang. Each greenhouse was designed for different propose, therefor make this horticulture park a comprehensive industrial unit. With integrated facilities, the park included productive greenhouse, breeding greenhouse, research greenhouse, entertainment greenhouse etc. At same time, this park will also be the main venue of “Tourism Development Conference of Heibei Province 2018”.

glass greenhouse

This greenhouse park adopts the latest technology and advanced design from Netherlands. Greenhouse roof use special diffused glass cover, folding insect net for vent and imported air curtain fan system. Fully automatic control meets the needs of soilless cultivation.

These intelligent greenhouses are environment friendly, energy saving and can provide suitable environment for safety production of plants. In addition, aquaponic system is also built inside greenhouse.

After the project is put into operation, it will be a large-scale idyllic complex with modern elements and diversified services, such as modern fruits and vegetables, flowers, seedlings, and breeding.

productive greenhouse

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