The Modern Vegetable Production Greenhouse Put Into Service In Hainan, China

- Sep 09, 2016-

The Modern Vegetable Production Greenhouse in China

The Modern Vegetable Production Greenhouse Put into Service in Ling Shui, Hainan province, China. This project,"China-Dutch protected Agriculture Demonstration Zone", were designed and produced by Beijing Kingpeng International Hi-tech Corporation.

Total area 73080 m2 multi span film greenhouse,equiped with fully open roof structure. And with more than 30 million RMB investment,the greenhouse builted as one of the most fully furnished greenhouse in China.

By studied local climates and considered purpose of the project, Kingpeng Corp. perfessional technical team completed a unique design for this project.The wohle greenhouse and matched highly automated systems made the greenhouse practically and neatly running which makes standardized produntion come ture.

Till now, the "China-Dutch protected Agriculture Demonstration Zone" became not only one of the high level modern greenhouse, but also a leading standardized tomato production demonstration in China.