The Project built By Kingpneg In Hainan China Has Successfully Resisted Super Typhoon

- Oct 24, 2016-

China-Dutch protected Agriculture Demonstration Zone Has Successfully Resisted Super Typhoon"Sarika"

October 18, Hainan,in the south of China, was attacked by "Sarika", this is the strongest typhoon since 1970,and the speed is 45 m /s. The places which the storm arrived, were devastated.


Affected by the "Sarika", the local agriculture is among a mess.    

But the "China-Dutch protected Agriculture Demonstration Zone" project which designed and built by Kingpeng in Hainan province of China is still firmly standing,and indoor equipment and planting fruits and vegetables are intact and losslose. However,several individual windows were slightly damaged because of not closing when the typhoon comes. And Kingpeng’s after-sales service team members immediately carry out the repair work under the  storm. At present, the greenhouse has been restored in normal condition.


This greenhouse can spare from the super typhoon, not because of luck, but the greenhouse itself with special design of the material and structure, and its superior system of practicality and technical superiority fully affirmed the brand quality of Kingpeng. As a leading domestic and international well-known modern facilities of agricultural comprehensive service and manufacturer,Kingpeng is not only responsible for itself,but also responsible for customers and the community.With character of honesty attitude, pursuing top-quality and excellence,Kingpeng the national brand has always served our agriculture in the worldwide.