The Second Stage Greenhouse Is Near Completion

- Sep 18, 2018-

At the end of September, the second stage greenhouse in Oman will be completed, and before the end of 2018, the greenhouse will supply fresh vegetables. This greenhouse is similar with the first stage, the area is 4320㎡. It is designed and optimized by Kingpeng according to local climate and plant growing requirement.


This greenhouse is used for producing hydroponic lettuce, it doesn’t need the huge space such as tomatoes, but for better climate control, the greenhouse is designed by 9.6m span, 4m section, 4m gutter height and 6m roof height. The temperature is very high almost all year round in Oman, so wet pad and fans is designed to cool down the greenhouse, in addition, there is a smaller exhaust fan on the arch side wall above the wet pad fans. For defending the strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, the double shading system, outside horizontal shading screen and inside horizontal shading screen, is equipped in the greenhouse. Furthermore, there is high pressure fogging system to cool down and humidify the greenhouse. 


The lettuce is produced in A Frame System, it can make better use of space and increase land use efficiency. Normally, the cultivation density is about 25 heads/㎡ in horizontal cultivation style, if in A Frame System vertical style, the cultivation density can be 47heads/㎡, it is almost double yield than horizontal. In this A Frame System, this greenhouse can produce about 110000 heads lettuce per season, minimum 10 seasons per year, if the price is 1 USD per head, the whole year income will be 110000×10×1=1100000USD, production cost is 0.5USD per head, the profit of each year is about 550000USD. The greenhouse cost is about only 300000USD, so, the grower can get cost recovery and profit in the first year. Actually, the lettuce price is much higher and the production cost is much lower, the real benefit must be much better.

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