The Smooth Construction Of The Greenhouse For Saudi Arabia

- Mar 19, 2021-

Thanks to our old friend, our Saudi partner, Mr. Mahdi and his BGW (Babylon Gardens World), 4 new greenhouses are under construction from early 2021. Among the 4 new greenhouse projects, one for the world-famous oil company located in East of Saudi Arabia. The Employer, as an oil company, has its strict rules to choose and determine the designer supplier and construction team. Luckily Kingpeng and BGW can meet all the requirements after our long term cooperation in greenhouse business in Saudi Arabia.


This Greenhouse group consists 3 separated greenhouses covered with plastic roof and PC walls. The height of the greenhouses is 6m from ground level to meet the cooling and ventilation requirements for nursery. 


Another important issue is the rust-proof for the high humidity inside nursery greenhouse especially for the greenhouses used in East Province of Saudi, where the air is high humidity and water are salty. As the qualified supplier, with more than 20 years’ experience exporting to 63 countries, KINGPENG take special actions to guarantee the rust-proof for the steel structure as well as the components to guarantee the 20 years design life for these greenhouses.


Hopefully within one month the greenhouse for the oil company in Saudi Arabia will be completed and transfer to the customer, but our service will never stop, our supervisor team will keep supplying the on-line assistance, and our partner BGW and Mr. Mahdi will keep his service full of passion and sincerity.

Work with KINGPENG, Work for Win-Win Future!