Which Is Better As The Substrate, Coconut Peat Or Rock Wool?

- Mar 20, 2020-

Substrate cultivation is the mainstream cultivation mode of modern glass greenhouse. At present, there are mainly two kinds of substrate can meet the demand: rock wool and coco peat. According to statistics, 57% rock wool and 39% coconut coir are used in greenhouse vegetable production.


The physicochemical properties of the substrate determine the water and nutrient absorption performance and air content of the substrate. This not only affects the absorption and transport capacity of water and nutrients by crop roots, but also affects the growth and development of plant roots. Therefore, the adaptability of plant roots to the substrate should be considered when selecting the substrate.



For irrigation management and plant regulation, rock wool is superior to coconut peat. rock woo is also a little better on water saving performance. In terms of cost and environmental protection, coconut peat is a good choice. Coconut peat is an environmentally friendly substrate, which is similar to the purpose of water-saving irrigation. In addition, the understanding of rock wool in China is still in the basic stage. Most rock wool is dependent on imports.

It is worth noting that whether the grower has rich planting experience determines whether the planting advantage of the substrate can be utilized. Each grower needs to combine his own condition and development direction to get the best choice when selecting the type of substrate.

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