The Upgrade Of The Xiaotangshan Hi-Tech Greenhouse Is Completed

- Nov 05, 2019-

Last week, KINGPENG corp. just completed the upgrade work for the glass greenhouse in Xiaotangshan Agriculture Park, Changping, Beijing, China. This greenhouse is located in a National Modern Agriculture Demonstration and Research Center.


The upgraded greenhouse is a 8m span and 4m section VENLO roof glass greenhouse, with a total area of 9984m2, including 2 production zones and 1 service area.


This greenhouse is combined with latest Chinese (KINGPENG) greenhouse technologies as well as international technologies and equipment, such as RIDDER driven system and Fertilization system from Holland, and Galileo WEX climate control system from Israel, etc. Under the engineering and supervision of KINGPENG team, the systems and equipment worked quite well with each other, and it is now a new demonstration project among this region.

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The steel structure of this glass greenhouse is powder coated with white color after hot galvanization, and in this way, not only the life is enhanced, and the indoor light is much more uniform because of the light reflection of the white color steel structure, which will decrease the rate of shadow inside greenhouse.


Some other highlight of the project includes foldable insect net for windows, wall thermal screen system, butterfly window system, and new model of KINGPENG aluminum gutter, etc. all of which are done within 180 days from engineering to complement according to the ISO9001 for quality and process. KINGPENG Greenhouse, Serve the World.


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