Tomato Haning Cultivation System In Multi-span Greenhouse

- Oct 13, 2020-


Matrix culture, according to the different matrix materials, can be divided into sand, peat, rock wool single matrix culture and matrix culture with different materials in a certain proportion. Both rock wool and coconut bran are used in tomato cultivation in the form of strip bags, and in order to ensure the smooth drainage of the matrix. These strip bags are placed on overhead cultivation shelves. The cultivation frame can be divided into two forms: hanging cultivation shelf and supporting cultivation shelf.



What is supporting cultivation shelf?

The supporting cultivation shelf is used to lift the “几”type matrix bearing platform of "" shape cross section off the ground. supporting cultivation shelf is a cultivation shelf that uses supporting columns to lift the matrix bearing platform off the ground. This kind of cultivation shelf generally includes matrix bearing platform and its supporting, inter-plant heating pipe hanging supporting and plant stem winding and falling vine system.


What is hanging cultivation shelf is a kind of planting shelf that uses a hanging rope to hang the matrix bearing platform on the greenhouse truss so as to lift it off the ground. This kind of cultivation shelf is mainly composed of matrix bearing platform and hanging system. The matrix bearing platform should not only put the matrix strip, but also install the plant stem winding and hoisting system,The hanging system can also hang heating pipes between plants and yellow-blue boards of armyworms in addition to the substrate platform.