Transplanting Started At End Of November

- Dec 04, 2018-

The 7Ha new glass greenhouse which built in Dezhou, Shandong, China, have been finished tomato transplanting work after completely closed disinfection on 30th,Nov 2018. Kingpeng’s engineering and horticulture team had worked at greenhouse site more than 1 week to do the final test for all the systems and equipments.

This greenhouse park is invested by one local group in Shandong Province. The whole park consists of 6.5Ha production section and 0.5Ha working section. The production section is covered by the diffuse glass to guarantee better natural light while it also adopts artificial sodium lamp. In order to provide the best solution for cherry tomato cultivation in this greenhouse, KINGPENG integrated many most equipment and systems from Holland. All these systems and equipments are the most advanced in horticulture and the suppliers are close partners with KINGPENG, such as Hortimax, Berg Hortimotive, NPI and so on.


Besides the greenhouse construction, Kingpeng also offer horticulture operation service for this project together with Dutch horticulture consultant. Horticulture technology and operation support will be Kingpeng’s extra service for the customers in future. We aimed to become a global one-stop horticulture solution supplier.


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