Tunnel House In Nigeria

- Apr 02, 2019-


Last week, KINGPENG group visited our partner's farm in Nigeira, to discuss a further cooperation and learn more about local farming technology. From year 2016 till now, KINGPENG and our partner in Nigeria have developed agriculture facility together according to local farming technique.

The first step is tunnel house with traditional growing method. In the first batch of tunnel house, local farmers planted maize, water melon and salad. To get more experience, one of those tunnel houses was change the covering material from plastic film to insect proof net.

According to the resault, covering with this kind of green colored insect proof net will get less sun light inside greenhouse, so the plants appear that didn't grow very well.

On the other hand, maize in the tunnel house get a good harvest.


We beleive in near future, farmers will get more and more good experience and get more harvest in greenhouses in Nigeria!


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