Turkmenistan Client Keep Growing Strawberry In Summer

- Jul 10, 2018-

    Since at the beginning of June, most of day time temperature higher than 40°C in the city of Ashkhabad,Turkmenistan, even at cloudy days the outside temperature can reach 38°C. And the record highest temperature is 46°C in June this year. Inside some greenhouse with double open roof window, which has been stopped growing vegetables, while temperature can reach 58°C.

    Usually the strawberry greenhouses will stop working, when daytime temperature more than 35°C, that means client should stop growing strawberry at least one and half months ago.


    Because growing strawberry in summer is difficult, and local price of strawberry even better than winter price. So our client team decided to keep growing their Albion strawberry in greenhouse by the help of cooling equipment in greenhouse:

Followings are system lists:

     1. Double roof ventilation window

     2. Inside horizontal screen system

     3. High pressure fogging

     4. Side wall black shading

     5. Wet pads with soft air flue


With the help of these cooling equipment in greenhouse, we can see the strawberry in our client greenhouse is growing as normal as in other season, and with a good harvest.

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