Two 40 Feet Container Plant Factory Are Ready For Serving The Overseas Customer.

- Jul 07, 2020-

Two 40 feet Container Plant Factory are ready for serving the overseas customer.


On July 7th, 2020, two Container Plant Factory have entered into the final packing phase before delivery to South-east Asia Customer in Kingpeng R&D Base.


Start from 2012, now Kingpeng Container Plant Factory has upgrade to the third-generation and it adopts modular design and specifically designed for vegetable nursery and growing. This product can be customized according to the requirements of customers and it is easily moved, high-producing and flexible for modular combination,

Container Plant Factory can be directly used in the open air and the suitable working temperature of Container Plant Factory is -20 to 45℃.


The size of this Container Plant Factory is 40HQ container, and a complete module of container plant factory contains 7 set containers: 1 set for nursery and 6 set for vegetable hydroponics growing up

The configuration of a single Container Plant factory includes cultivation system (DFT flood nursery tank and NFT pipe), nutrient solution circulation system, supplementary lighting system, air condition system (including ventilation and dehumidification fan), humidifying system, CO2 supply system, water supply and drainage system, environment auto-control system, fertilizer machine, power supply system and lighting system, etc.



The features of Container Plant Factory:

1.    Modular design of inside system and equipment which is self-developed by Kingpeng will make it easy to install and maintain.

2.    Energy-saving design including good heat insulation design and air circulation design which make sure the plant factory will use less electricity.

3.    Resource utilization’s design can make sure that all the nutrient solution will be reused after sterilization, and all air conditioning condensate water is collected together to refill humidifier tank for humidification.


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