Upgrade Container Plant Factory

- Apr 21, 2020-

Nowadays, mini sized planting machine have been applied in our city life. Under the back ground of shortage of cultivated land resources and booming population, Kingpeng group have studied on container plant factory for several years. Re-construct an abandoned container into a factory that can grow vegetables is not only saving land resources, but also ca be used in hostile environments, such as island, desert etc.

Container Plant Factory

To guarantee suitable indoor climate with minimal energy consumption. KINEPGNG group have upgraded the container plant factory to make it further reduce energy costs. So this update is focus on air-condition system. A combination of air conditioning compressor cooling and forced ventilation is used.

Designed indoor temperature is 20℃, RH 60%. Variable frequency air conditioner cooling the air and transfer cool air through PVC channel on roof, air outlets are evenly arranged to make uniform air distribution. Out-door compressor can long-time continuously operation under severe environment.

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