Urban Agricultural Is More And More Important Under Covid-19

- Dec 15, 2020-

According to the latest statistics, the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-2019 worldwide is 45.3 million and nearly 1.2 million have died. As the new crown pandemic threatens the agricultural and food supply chain, it has caused labor shortages and food shortages. Since countries have successively blocked off, public interest in home gardening and growing fruits and vegetables has soared. Fear of food shortages will motivate some people to join the trend of home gardening, but others who have more time at home will relieve stress through healthy home gardening.


Recently, the European epidemic has rebounded violently, and relevant countries have implemented a second blockade. The epidemic once again reminds us that interruptions in the food supply chain can occur at any time, arousing more interest in local agricultural products and also leading to the prosperity of urban agriculture.


Now, urban agriculture is even more important. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, rapid urbanization in developing countries in recent decades is causing urban food problems. Not only in China, but also other countries worldwide began to pay attention to the food self-support and safety of their citizens.

horticulture garden

Judging from the eager attitudes of people in various countries towards urban agriculture and the reactions on social media, many people will decide to buy more locally grown fruits and vegetables. Therefore, how to use urban land should be reconsidered. Kingpeng can provide you with greenhouse solutions and help farmers build more greenhouses, and improve the elasticity of the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables for the community.