Use Roof Washer To Clean Large Scaled Greenhouse

- Apr 12, 2019-

greenhouse roof washer

At beginning of March, 2019, the engineer from Holland come to KINGPENG's venlo glass greenhouse project in Shandong province. Helped us with the greenhouse roof washer’s commissioning and teach KINGPENG's staff how to operate machine.

The greenhouse roof washer is generally used in large scaled greenhouses which is generally over 3 hectors. Do the greenhouse cleaning work periodically can help the plants inside greenhouse get stable and enough sunlight, especially in the area with dust problems or in desert area.

For a large scaled greenhouse, it is very hard to clean the greenhouse roof by labors. A greenhouse roof washer makes this work much easier and more safely.  Workers don't have to stand on the machine, they only need to adjust the machine and brushes and operate on operation platform. 


KINGPENG group as one of the most professional greenhouse supplier, have been work with many Dutch companies who has most advanced technology or equipment. To bring in these first classed machines and techniques is aimed at helping our client's projects. Invest reasonable and operate in most efficient way!


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