Ventilation Of Glass Greenhouse

- Sep 30, 2017-

Most of the glass greenhouse relies on natural ventilation to regulate the indoor environment. Large-scale production of glass greenhouse structure is generally double-slope multi-span greenhouses, ventilation in the form of side walls and roof set ventilation window. Its total ventilation area of not less than 15% of the greenhouse area, preferably greater than 30%. When the roof wind window is opened, the sash is preferably tilted above the horizontal level, and when the opening is 100 and the horizontal plane is formed, good ventilation is obtained. The ventilation of natural ventilation is related to wind speed, wind direction, ventilation window position, ventilation window area and temperature difference between inside and outside greenhouse.Glass Greenhouse

When the total area of the ventilation window is 27% of the indoor area, if only the roof ventilation, even if the outdoor wind speed of 10 km / h, also reach 0.75 times per minute ideal ventilation rate; when the roof ventilation window and side wall Ventilation window is fully open, in the case of almost no wind, ventilation rate can reach 0.68 times / minute, close to the normal recommended 0.75 times / minute ventilation rate.Glass Greenhouse The hot air heating system consists of heat source, air heat exchanger, fan and air supply pipeline. The work process is: the heat provided by the heat to heat the air ventilator, with a fan forced part of the greenhouse air flow through the air heat exchanger, so the continuous cycle of greenhouse heating. The heat source of the hot air heating system may be fuel, gas, coal fired or electric heaters, or hot water or steam. Heat different, hot air heating equipment installation is not the same. Steam, electric or hot water heating system of the air heat exchanger installed in the greenhouse with the fan directly to provide hot air.Glass Greenhouse Fuel, gas-type heating device installed in the greenhouse, the combustion of flue gas into the greenhouse. Coal-fired hot air stove is generally larger, the use of relatively dirty, are generally installed in the greenhouse outside. In order to make the hot air evenly distributed in the greenhouse, the hot air is supplied by the fan into the ventilation duct.Glass Greenhouse