Vertical Farm Show A Tendency For Agricultural In Future

- Feb 09, 2021-

Vertical farm is a computer-controlled planting environment with low labor cost, which do not require soil. The latest aeroponics technology is accelerating the sustainable growth of vertical agriculture, and rising stars in the field of vertical agriculture are aggressively expanding farm facilities. Indoor vertical agriculture is booming again.


According to Agfunder's Agricultural Food Technology Investment Report, vertical agriculture is one of the industries with the largest year-on-year increase in funds. In 2019, investment in indoor agriculture has increased 38% compared to 2018; since 2020, from academia to business, vertical agriculture continues to maintain its growth momentum.

fruitVertical agriculture grows crops in a stacked system, where water, lighting, and nutrition are carefully controlled. With the support of artificial intelligence to manage daily planting tasks, vertical agriculture is a fast-growing industry. According to the business forecast of Grand View Research, by 2025, the industry will grow at a rate of 21% per year.


The environmental benefits of vertical agriculture include better using of space, which can be located in urban centers, thereby achieving shorter food miles, isolation from pathogens, reducing soil degradation, and recapturing and recycling nutrients and water. In addition, the agricultural products of vertical agriculture are more consistent and stable in price, and they are grown in some harsh climate regions (such as desert or Arctic).